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Create new tab with specified url and new tab with sound when new email

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Hello Guys,

I am using a php code to check for unseen mails every second or so (using a refresh function), and when I do receive a new email, the content of this email I can also retrieve and pass on a url from this content to a php variable ($url). Now, I want this system to automatically open a new tab in the browser, when the new email is opened and the $url retrieved. Not only that. I also need the url of the new tab to correspond to $url. Finally, I also need a second tab to be opened automatically. On this tab I will refer to an existing url (sound.php) from my own website. On this page I need to play a sound on page load (alarm.wav). In Firefox nonetheless. A Product Teaser Examples can be about an upcoming product, a momentum shift or can showcase a glimpse of the product. This is meant to be an alert system to minimize the amount of time used to access the emailed url. I have tried with different solutions from, but failed to pass on the php variable to the java script opening the tab, and also, did not succeed with the sound playing in Firefox.


asked Il y a10 mois par JoeClark (7,580 points)

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