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Hangzhou Sewage Treatment Chain manufacturers

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2. Our Factory
Located in Hangzhou,Zhejiang provinces,Hangzhou Aozhou Chains is specialized in the production of various kinds of industrial chain,roller chain,conveyor chain,engineering chain,high tensile chains,sprockets and other power transmission components under ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification.
And all the products are manufactured as per ISO606,DIN8187,JIS or GB standard.Besides we have adopted the most advanced high speed assembly machinery, punching machinery, bush-forming machinery, “Gervi” brand continuous mesh stove for heat-treatment of Taiwan origin to ensure high stable quality. And we have our own testing lab for raw material, twist, fatigue, breaking load and length accuracy.
3. What we do?
The materials are as follow:
All materials Heat Treatment
Factory view:
Manufacturing of Chain

Heat treatment:
4.Product Application
Gervi Chains can be widely used in agricultural machinery, including conveyors, wire- and tube-drawing machines, printing presses, cars, motorcycles, and bicycles/Agricultural machines/textile machines /bakery machines/bottle washing plants/car plants  cement plants/cigarette tobacco/machine escalators/filtration plants/food processing/glass manufacturing/steel making/Mining  steel making/motor industry /parking towers/packing machines/paver machines/beverage plants toothpaste plants/food processing/freezing tunnels/petroleum equipment.


Inquiry and sample
1. Your Contact Info and Privacy

To inquire, please let us know your company info including full company name, address, phone and fax number, and the contact person. Such information is needed for prompt reply within 24 hours and facilitates future correspondence like sample and document sending.

We must expressly state that this policy is adopted without any prejudice on these well-known companies and their services.

We hereby warrants that under no circumstances will such information be disclosed to any third party.

2. Specific Interests

For prices and delivery, please specify your requirements as detailed as possible including part number, description, estimated order quantity, port of destination and terms of prices (fob, cfr or cif). If there is any special requirement for product treatment or packaging, please indicate them, too.

Generally products from different manufacturers have different part number. To facilitate the product identification, you can indicate the part number of other manufacturers (with the manufacturers' name). If you foresee the products are only available from a limited source, please provide us with other relevant info you have like drawing, sketch, picture or sample for the purpose of identification.


For customers who need sample confirmation before ordering, please bear in mind that the following policy will be adopted:

1) All samples are free of charge with the maximum value not exceeding USD 100.

2) The courier cost for the first-time sample sending will be charged for by the consignee. We will send the samples with freight to be collected. So please inform your account with FedEx, UPS, DHL or TNT so that we can proceed promptly.

3) The first-time courier cost will be totally deducted from the contract value of the trial cooperation.

4. Minimum Order Quantity

1) In order to offer customers high quality products at competitive prices, currently we do not sell to the public end users. Our minimum order quantity is USD 5,000 per shipment; combination order with other items we offers is acceptable.

5. Payment
Telegraphic transfer(TT)Hangzhou Sewage Treatment Chain manufacturers


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