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auto foil stamping machines price

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H200B Auto hot stamping machine for wine or cosmetic caps and bottles

The H200B is designed for hot stamping of caps or cosmetic tubes at high production speeds. Reliability and speed make the H200B ideal for off-line or in-line 24/7 production.
1. Automatic loading system with conveyor and vacuum robot
2. Anti-static dust cleaning before stamping
3. High accuracy indexer from Japan
4. Auto foil feeding and winding.
5. Height of stamping head adjustable. Stamping pressure adjustable.
6. Auto foil dust cleaning before unloading
7. Well built machine house with CE demand for safety production.
8. Reliable PLC control with touch screen display.
Max stamping area120×80mm
Stamping Head Stroke50mm
Max. article Height75mm
TemperatureRoom Temperature~280℃
Stamping Pressure≤500kgf
Max. Stamping Speed40-60pcs/min
Air Pressure4~7bar
Air Consumption≤80L/min
Power Supply220V 60Hz/50Hz
Heating Power1000W

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