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XPS sandwich panels factory

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Marble Finish XPS Sanwich Panels

Advanges of Marble Finish XPS Sanwich Panels

1. Fireproof A level

2. Thermal insulation
3. Weatherproof
4. Anti uv, anti acid
5. Lightweight
6. Fast installation

Physical performance of Marble Finish XPS Sanwich Panels
Thermal conductivitySolvent ResistanceWashabilityAdhesive
0.030w/m.kwithout leakage after 100 times wipingwithout leakage after 1000 times washing0 Grade
Pencil HardnessArtificial Weathering AgingFire resistanceFrost Resistance
6H3500h MinA Gradeno crack or internal splits after 25 times freezing and thawing cycles

Finished project

Color & Grain
We have already developed hundreds of surface types for Marble Finish XPS Sanwich Panels. Please contact us for more details via wilson(at)bestuvs.com

Company Information

TianYang UV Materials Co,.Ltd is a leading EIFS cladding solution provider and Wall siding factory in China. Based on UV-curing fluorocarbon technology, we are engaged in providing creative and sustainable interior and exterior wall cladding solutions for architect, contractor and building owner who have been pursuing the aim of protecting life, assets, and the environment now and in future.

Packaging & Shipping

XPS sandwich panels factory


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