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new to the freelance world of video

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I am new to this and looking around for help.I'm new to the freelance world of video so could use some advice. I've been asked by a band to edit some existing footage, shot by them so no infringement issues, into a new DVD demo of the band. It's about 45 minutes of them live and they first want simple bookmarks for each song for random access. Second, a 7-10 minute mash up of the footage to be used as a promo/booking tool. Finally, I'll be designing a new motion graphics menu for the DVD using some of the footage along with the graphics off the CD cover. These guys are doing pretty well on the Christian pop circuit but aren't big names...yet. Any input on what this type of job should pay is welcome. I went through many resources and also checked many Branding Motion Graphics video but did not find any solution.Please help me out.
Any help will be appreciated.
Thank you.
asked Il y a1 an par JoeClark (7,580 points)

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