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Knee Support Free Sample

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Name: extra lite knee support
1.Provides compression for weak or overstressed knees
2.Integreted antimicrobial technology
3.Exclusive anti-alip silicon tapes on both sides prevent displacement during sports
4.Compression padding provides trageted compression and support

70% Neoprene
25% Nylon
5%  Polyester

Used For:
The FLYON precision fit knee support provides compression and support for stiff, weak or injured knees. It also helps provide protection from further injury.

1.Anatomical pre-curved design provides enhanced fit and comfort
2.Air flow neoprene provides moisture wicking compression for therapeutic warmth and healing
3.3-strap closure offers wide range of personalized secure fit and preferred compression support
4.Compression padding provides trageted compression and support,relieve pain from runner's or jumper's knee

Hand wash with mild soap in warm (not hot) water. Rinse well and air dry.                
DO NOT:machine wash,tumble dry,dry clean,or use bleach of fabric softeners.Knee Support Free Sample


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