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grouting cement in China

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600M Truck Mounted Water Well Drilling with Rotary TableFeatures1. The truck chassis adopts the special crane chassis of brand SINO TRUCK and the main drive system, the transfer case, gearbox, double-winch unit, mud pump, turntable, drilling tower, feed mechanism are set up on the chassis.
2. This water well drilling rig is a rotary drilling rig with directional circulation. It is equipped with mud pump which adopts the slurry as the washing fluid and can drill on clay, sand and rock if it is equipped with suitable drilling bit.
3. The power of truck engine transfer to PTO, and then drive drilling rig.
4. The main drive of this water well drilling rig is mechanical and the four landing legs and drilling tower are hydraulic controlled. Transfer case and mud pump clutch system are air operated.
5.  According to client’s requirement, the water well drilling rig can carry out down-the-hole hammer drilling with Air Compressor.
6.  It is high efficiency because of having a larger torque of the turntable and is mainly used for water well in industry and agriculture, national defense building foundation, geological exploration, and geothermic well and other foundation working, it is popular at home and abroad.

Technical DataDrilling depth(M)600
Drilling diameter(mm)200-500
Speed of turntable(r/min)117;102;60;38;22;13;16(reverse)
Torque of turntable(KN.m)5.4---50
Single rope lifting capacity of main windlass(KN)50
Maximum lifting capacity of main windlass(KN)300
Single rope lifting capacity of assistant windlass(KN)60
Single rope lifting capacity of assistant windlass(KN)240
The lifting capacity of hook(KN)300
Bearing capacity of drilling tower (KN)360
The height of drilling tower (mm)12500
Drill pipeKelly bar(mm)108×108×7500
Assistant pipe (mm)Ф89×10×6000
Mud pumpLiner Diameter (mm)100-140
Stroke of piston (mm)160
Theoretical flow (L / S)8.4  10.3   12.2
14.3   16.6
Rated pressure (Mpa)10    8     7     6     5
Diameter of suction tube152mm
Diameter of discharge pipe65mm
Input power  kW(HP)95 (130)
Truck chassisDrive form8×4
EngineModelYC6A260-33YC water -cooled four stroke diesel engine
Rated power(KW)191

Speed (r/min)2300
Size (L*W*H)(mm)11510*2480*2800
The highest speed(Km/h)75
Weight (kg)25500
Transport size(L*W*H)(mm)12550*2500*4150

Why Choose Rejee?

Customized Products and ServiceWhenever your work requires specialized, reliable solutions, Rejee can support you with customized high-quality drilling products. Our experience and our strong customer focus will ensure you have the best options for your job.

At Rejee Industry, we have also given much attention to customer service. We are dedicated to helping customers work safely and efficiently using our products. Guidance and services are always available with our professional technicians in site.

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How to Contact Us? Tel:+86-29-86105123-606
Address:Rm 10802,Block B,Kairui Building,Xi'an Economic Development Zone,China.grouting cement in China


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