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jump training as your cardio choice

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You want cardio, but bumped by one dilemma: you do not like to run. Or biking. Or use elliptical. No problem.

With so many choices of cardio movements, you who choose not to run will not have much trouble finding replacement cardio exercises that may be more to your liking; all you have to do is open to try out some new exercises.

We have collected 15 alternative cardio exercises that you can mix-up without having to bother tightening the shoelaces.
1. Rise up and down stairs

Whether it's in your park, office or apartment building, we're pretty sure there's a ladder near you. Stairs are a great way to exercise heart and lungs. You can climb fast, jump (one step up), or lateral high knee. Do 3 repetitions up and down the stairs to complete 1 set.

"When done right, up and down stairs can provide challenging cardio workouts and strengthen the muscles of the lower body," said Jessica Matthews, MS, spokesman for the American Council on Exercise, quoted by Prevention. Tips: Be sure not to rely on handrails when up and down stairs; this will help ease the burden of your feet, reducing the effects of this simple cardio.
2. Jump

Jumps are a great way to sweat profusely from cardio exercises without having to run around jogging tracks in city parks that are always crowded with users. Replace classic jump rope movements with cross jacks, which require you to cross your arms and legs while jumping. Here's the guide:

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    Stand with feet shoulder width apart and spread both hands to the side of the body with palms facing down
    Throw your body up while crossing your right hand over your left hand and right foot in front of your left foot. Jump to return to starting position. Jump again with the opposite hand and foot position (now the left hand crosses over the right hand, the left leg crosses in front of the right leg) This counts as 1 set.
    Continue to do alternate sides and repeat as many as 25 sets.
    Be sure to keep your jumping speed up and do not allow too much rest time in between jumps

An easier alternative: small jumps (no jumps higher than 5cm) with your toes rest and push your body up with your heels, just like you are doing a jump rope.

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