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what habits that can promote cystic acne?

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Taking medicines for acne alone is not enough to get rid of acne stones and prevent it from reappearing. Consumption of these medicines should be followed also by healthy lifestyle changes and hygiene, for example by doing the following steps:

    Take time to relax and calm the mind, because stress can trigger the production of hormones that can aggravate acne stone.
    Enough sleep.
    Exercising can also help. But do not forget, cleanse the skin after exercising.
    Keep your hands clean because these body parts often touch your face. Dirty hands full of germs can aggravate acne stone.
    Reduce bad habits squeeze pimples.

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    Wash your face twice a day. Use a mild soap and gently rub the face, then rinse with warm water. Not only that, diligent bathing especially after a day of activity will also keep skin clean from oil and sweat that can trigger the appearance of acne.
    Use sunscreen to protect facial skin from sunlight that can aggravate acne prone skin.
    Choose products for acne prone skin containing benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, glycolic acid or alpha hydroxyl acid that can reduce excess oil on the skin surface.
    Avoid applying the face with facial scrubs, masks, astringent, or oil-containing products. These products can aggravate your acne.
    When you have acne, you definitely want to touch or squeeze it. This habit can actually cause infection or injury, especially if the condition of your hands dirty.
    Pay attention to anything that often comes into contact with your face, such as hair, cell phones, hoods, helmets, hats, or towels. Make sure the cleanliness of these objects.

If you have acne stones, do not be silenced for granted. Check with your doctor for immediate medical attention. Avoid handling it yourself at home.

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