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China Outdoor 50w LED Flood Light

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Par30 LED Grille Downlight, these lighting fixture is a recessed LED grille downlight with functional adjustable swing head changing the beam direction, combine with the light source of Par30 35w, E27 standard screw base, available color: warm white/3000K, daylight white/4500k, cool white/6000k, it is popular used at home, hotel, restaurant,shopping mall, jewelry shop, boutique ceiling lighting.
With 50000 hours lifetime of Par30 35w, Par30 LED Grille Downlight working as commercial lighting is high performance and low cost maintenance, If you want to lower your bills without it having an impact on the amount of light that you have, please find the Par30 LED Grille Downlight , we are sure that this be the ideal solution for you.
Specification ( Light Source:Par30 35w )
Input Voltage: AC95 - 277V, 50-60HZ
Power Consumption: 35 W
LED quantity: 24 pcs
Luminous Flux: 2700-2900 LM
Material: Aluminum
IP rating: IP44
Emitting Color: 3000K / 4500K / 6000K
Color rendering index(CRI): >80
Beam Angle: 60℃, 45℃,25℃
Adjustable beam direction
Applications:( Par30 LED Grille Downlight for commercial & household used)
For details of Par30 LED Grille Downlight at
You are most welcome to try and buy the Par30 LED Grille Downlight from our factory. As one of the perfessional suppliers in China, we also offer customized service. Please call us now for a  quotation tailored to your specifications.China Outdoor 50w LED Flood Light


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