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200g Anti Blocking Agent manufacturers

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From the morphological points, welding anti-splash agent can be divided into: water-based and paint type. From the packaging points, divided into spray and barrel type.
Water-based welding anti spatter agent with its good slag removal effect, very competitive market prices, as well as no any adverse effects after welding and other post-processing work,and easy to work,saving the amount of welding,the workpiece also beautiful than before after welding and the other advantages.Currently it occupies a dominant position in the market.
Paint-type anti-splash agent spread effects better than the water-based agent, and can be repeated welding for many times, but the price is very high while the subsequent process is also affected.Considered from the cost point of view, there are just a few automotive and shipbuilding industries using it,it occupies a small share of the market.
Splash Proof Agent
Wuxi Hengda Liquid-Purification Chemical Plant have two kinds anti spatter agent:Spray & Barrel,also can divided into Normal & Concentrated.Anti-Spatter Spray is a water based, paintable, cost effective and non-flammable agent for the prevention of weld-spatter adhering to metal surfaces during the welding process.
It’s used in a wide range of steels, including mild steel, stainless, steels and aluminum.
If you are interested in the anti spatter agent, splash proof agent,anti spatter nozzle flux,Nozzle anti blocking flux,stainless steel products pickling and passivation paste/liquid,please contact us.

HENGDA CONCEPT- focus on and sincerely provide service to every customer,creating value together.
Our service
1.Product quality control and delivery time is strictly controlled;
2.Direct manufacturing factory offering competitive price;
3.All the inquiries will be replied within 12 hours;
4. OEM & ODM service are available;
5. Providing first-class after-sales services to the customers.
Why choose us ?
1.We are the professional factory of welding chemicals in jiangsu province ,china .
2.Quality Control through the whole Manufacturing process.
3.We can provide OEM/ODM service.
4.After you make order, we will Follow up the whole process and Update it to you. Collecting goods, Loading containers and Tracking goods transport information for you.
5.Any of our products you are interested, or any customized orders you wish to place, any items you want to buy, Please let us know your requirements. Our team will do our best to Help you .
1. Q:If i will need to stay in your place for few days, is that possible to book the hotel for me?
A:It’s always my pleasure, hotel booking service is available.
2. Q:What is the delivery time?
A:In general, the delivery time is about 7-15 days, according to the actual quantities of goods.
3. Q:As the shipping period will take long time, how can you make sure the products won’t be broken?
A:Our machine is packing with pallet and wrapping film, to make sure the products can be delivered to our customer smoothly, we will also use wooden case to packing the barrel (if barrel package).
4. Q:How can i trust your company?
A:With 20-years-professional design, we can provide you suitable suggestion and lowest price.
5. Q:How is your goods quality?
A:We have unique formula. The quality is high and stable. All products are trusted by domestic and foreign customers.
6. Q: Do you have the products in stock?
A: No. All products are to be produced according to your order. But we can make some stock for regular customers.200g Anti Blocking Agent manufacturers


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