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OR Light Operating Room price

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YUDA medical, China North area the largest medical manufacture, since 1992. We provide perfect OR room solution and medical equipment solution!
China North area the largest manufacture of medical and OR system, with 35 workshops 3 domestic factories covers an area of 480,000 million square meters. With factories in India, Indonesia, Russia and Egypt, YUDA became a leading famous brand in China.
OR surgical equipment, hospital furniture, X-ray imaging machine
OR room surgical instrument equipment, ICU room, hospital medical equipment and furniture
TUV, FDA, SGS, CE, ISO9001, 13485
Japan Robot machine, pending machine, painting machine, digital machine
Thanks for your effort of our dealers and strategic collaborators. YUDA medical are covering most of China hospitals in 3A level, with globally regions distributors and hospitals users for collaborations.

We accept your OEM ,with large stocks we provide your quickest delivery, 1 year warranty.OR Light Operating Room price


asked Il y a1 an par momu125 (300 points)

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