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plastic injection molded Factory

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plastic injection molding for Office equipment
Product details
Material ABS or according to customer's requirement
Surface TreatmentPolish or according to customer's requirement
Certification SGS, RoHs, CE
Product makingCustom
Mold MaterialH13 Steel Core, 45 Steel Frame, or Customized
Cavity Single or Multi
Runner Cold/Hot runner
Our factory
We have own mold develop factory,so our Injection Molding advantages:

1.Have strong OEM ability.
2.Low mold develop cost
3.Richful plastic molding experience to ensure product qualtiy.
4.Hand-made prototypes are available.

Our plastic molding services covering:
-In-Mold Decorating
-Plastic Welding
-Screen print -Heat transfer (print)
-Parts assembly.
We WT cares about OUR customers and loves working with plastic injection molding. Core values of WT MOLD is:People oriented, people foremost.Second best is not good enough.Keep improving.Customer first.Do you need a quote? We’ll be looking forward to hearing from you.
Polybag+Inner box+Outside carton+Wooden pallet or crate (or as requested)

1. When did WT MOLD setup? How many people work for Haoshun?
HMT was established in 2011. Currently there are about 60 staff, including 6 designers, engineers and managers working in factories.

2. What is the main market of WT MOLD?
North American and European market are the main target area of HMT. There are 400 sets of mold exported in 2015. Except for mold tooling, Haoshun also produces plastic injection parts, does post treatment (painting, metalizing, heating etc) and assembling.

3. Does WT MOLD have ISO certificates?
Yes, we are ISO 9001 certified (2008).

4. Can WT MOLD help me to develop the new, innovative product?
Yes,HMT is able to offer a full suite of service to customers from product developing to coming into reality, including mold making, molding, assembling, and new product development., which means design, prototype, engineers, sampling and small quantity production.plastic injection molded Factory


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