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20 Ft Shipping Container House for sale

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The prefabricated container houses are also called container houses and Residential Containers. It refers to a house with windows and windows, which is mainly made of containers, which is reformed. The container houses are often seen in construction sites as workers' dormitories, and can also be used as rental housing, sturdy and durable, and convenient to build. So the container house is also a resident container.
Classification of container houses:
Container houses:
The container house is transformed from traditional shipping marine containers, which is very strong and can withstand great pressure and has good seismic performance.
Welded container house:
The new welding movable room is a popular container for people in recent years. Because technology is close to shipping container, it is called container prefab house, and the technical standard of such container movable room is lower than that of shipping container. It is characterized by convenient transportation, installation and movement, low cost, more than ten years of service life, high return on investment and wide use.
Prefab container house:
Prefab container house are made by Modular manufacturing technology is used to transform a container module into standard parts, which is directly transported to the site installation, which can speed up installation and reduce transportation costs.
The features of the container house:
1, Heat insulation, wind proof, shock proof, moistureproof, waterproof, leakage proof, environmental protection, safe movement, convenient combination and flexible combination
2, Easy to interior decoration, can be built in air conditioning, TV and living furniture.
3, The service life is long, at least 15 years.
4, Rapid assembly is put into use, and the rate of return on investment is high.
TAIWEI Steel Structure can customize various application container house, whether you are a container housing investor and build the house for your workers as temporary housing need, our engineers can provide satisfactory solutions for you.20 Ft Shipping Container House for sale


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