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S-2 steel ball factory

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Drilling bits ball bearing
Yusion Industrial supplies Rock Bit Balls for drill bits.Drill bits is the important tool in oil drilling,its performance will directly affect the quality of the drilling,the drilling efficiency and drilling costs.Therefore,drill bits have strict requirements on rockbit balls.
Yusion S-2 Tool(Rockbit) Ball are made from S-2 tool steel as per ASTM A681 and specially heat treated to provide excellent hardness and wear resistance combined with toughness and impact resistance to survive extreme shock loads found in the drilling industry.The balls we produced are ranging from 6.35mm to 63.5mm with grade from G40 to G200.The ball surface has a smooth ground anad polished finish.They provide good wear characteristic and good services in withstanding the abrasion of pulverized rock and mud slurries.
Ø 6.35 mm – Ø 63.5 mm(ASTM A681/T-41902 S-2 Rockbit Balls)
S-2 Tool Steel (Rockbit) balls are manufactured to the following
Carbon 0.47% to 0.55%
Manganese 0.30% to 0.50%
Silicon  0.90% to 01.10%
Molybdenum 0.30% to 0.60%
Phosphorus  0.030% maximum
Sulphur  0.030% maximum
Vanadium  0.5% maximum
Hardness as measured on parallel flat surfaces is Rockwell “C”55-58.Ball of special hardness are available upon request.
Tensile strength
Yield strength310,000 psi
290,000 psi
Elongation in two inches7%
Reduction in area25%
Modulus of elasticity
Density30,000,000 psi
0.283 lbs./cu.in
GradeSize Range in Inches and Millimeters
Our raw materials, products and finished products will be inspected by self - inspection, mutual inspection, special inspection and sampling inspection.We have digital micrometer、Torsion Spring Table、Eddy Current Test Machine、Pressure Testing Machine、Vibration Measuring Instrument、Roundness Measuring Instrument、Micrometer、Visual Inspection to control our products strictly.
The most advanced inspection equipment-AVKIO eddy current test machine we had for steel ball surface quality from Czech Republic & photoelectric appearance instruments to ensure our balls 100% final inspection.

Firstly we pack the balls in cartons.
1.For each carton,the size is : Length:160mm  Width:130mm Height:65mm
2.we pack our balls using wooden pallet(Plywood) in our export business
3.Put the plastic paper in the pallet(waterproof) at first, then put the ball carton into the pallet ,and fix the pallet.
4.The size of wooden pallet: Length:840mm  Width:780mm  Height:750mm
Generally, if you don’t want packing with our company’s logo & name and our package, we offer neutral packing and can according to your requirements.
S-2 steel ball factory


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