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Everyone is suspect in Mafia City, a party game of bluffing and suspicion

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Other news regarding Yotta Games, however, is that Farmville will be making the trip as well. Originally we thought it would be the first game they would release for Android instead of Poker. ‘Farm Village’, which is what Farmville is called in Japan, has already made the jump to ‘smartphones’ there and is also successful on iOS. The next logical step, Android devices, if in fact the ‘smartphones’ in Japan playing Farm Village are not Android yet.
Only a properly nominated player can be considered a candidate for the elimination vote. The players then vote against the person they want to leave the game; the person receiving the majority vote is thereby eliminated. After someone is voted off, they have 30 seconds to give a final speech to the circle, at which point the day scene is over and the previous scene sequence repeats itself (night/synchronized shooting -> day/victim update/daytime discussion-vote) until one of the teams win.
Main game objectives:
Set in the 1940s during the height of World War II, Mafia City focused on Sicilian Vito Scaletta as he used mob connections to escape the carnage in the European theater of operations as he began working on clearing the massive debt that his father had accrued back in the old country. Partnered with mob pals Joe Barbaro, Alberto Clemente and Henry Tomasino, Vito would quickly rise through the ranks of the mafia games with daring heists across the city of Empire Bay.

Everyone is suspect in Mafia City, a party game of bluffing and suspicion. Designed for seven to seventeen players, in Mafia: Vendetta some players take on the roles of Mafia members, others become the civilians of a crime-filled community. Every night the Mafia kills another person, every day the civilians have a chance to discuss the murder, choose suspects, and condemn one of them to death. Since every role is secret, you never know who is an innocent bystander, and who is part of the Mafia. If the Mafia kill off enough civilians, the community becomes a permanent haven for crime, but if the civilians rid their community of the Mafia, they win.

Throughout development, Yotta Games relied on feedback from many places to build in such checks. One of the writers was African American, said Blackman, who is not black. Yotta Games also worked very closely with its voice actors for the game, sometimes asking them to ad-lib or revise, based on what sounded natural. The studio also took pains to include characters of differing backgrounds within the black and white communities.

How does real-life money effect city mafia? While players can buy certain things from a cash shop (like customizations and optional items that speed up tasks), there is a separate currency that can be earned only by playing the game. That currency will be used to buy similar items and will offer a chance for non-paying players to reach the same goals. Is it pay-to-win? I don't think so, but throwing a few bucks into the game will definitely benefit players.

– More than 200 artistically designed and highly-detailed cards to collect.

Mafia City [English]: https://mafiah5.yottagames.com/play/
Mafia City [Chinese Traditional]: https://mafiah5.yottagames.com/?language=zh_TW


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