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" Magic of Heroes Origin " official version evaluation

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Magic of Heroes Origin is a turn-based strategy game produced by New World Computing and released by 3DO in 2002. This version is a piece of information on the battlefield. Compared with the original version, Hero Invincible 4 has not changed much on the storyline. It mainly adds some powerful creatures such as the Wicked Witch. When players play Heroic Invincible 4, they must adjust their battle strategy accordingly. 
Contains the game's main program and the " Magic of Heroes Origin " compilation of the "Fire of Fires" expansion pack, which contains the original Lost Tales of "The Lost Tales of Axor" written for "The Heroes of Might and Magic 4" Axeoth) double battle game content. In addition, it also released a comprehensive update that will give all the Magic of Heroes Origin a better gaming experience.

Magic of Heroes Origin
Chinanews.com March 8th, March 8th, the classic strategy card game called " Magic of Heroes Origin " started by Ubisoft authorized, the company's play technology research and development. File test. As a "heroes invincible" series of genuine mobile games, "Heroes of Might and Magic: War Era" from the hero to the Corps and then to the treasure system have completely inherited the strategic tactics of the original, will bring a new magical adventure for the majority of fans on the mobile phone.
Compared with the previous test version, the " Magic of Heroes Origin " has undergone a major innovation in game content and gameplay: the addition of new heroes Rod Hart, Zeda, Reska; new recruits , the gargoyle, the Iron Man and the Archmage; the new skin of the hero Catherine and the addition of innovative gameplay such as heroic confrontation and heroic biography, further enhancing the gameplay and strategic depth.
At the same time, in order to give players a better positive feedback and sensory experience, the new version also launched a more user-oriented tuning from the screen effects, background music, UI interface, kernel values, such as adding a nest system, battle report function, The corps interface, the screening interface screening function, the corps commentary, etc., encourage the player to go out of the traditional card mode of brushing the map and numerically, and to brainstorm in a strong interactive way to realize the socialization based on the topic of the game itself.
If you happen to run into any trouble in the game, or you’d like a bit more information before diving head first, Magic of Heroes Origin is the subject of forums and a weighty subreddit to assist you in your journey: https://hero.vivagames.me/

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